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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Claire nominated for a Bafta!

I got home the other day to find Claire on the phone looking very cheery. Turns out it was Bafta Scotland on the phone saying she had been nominated for best director in the Bafta new talent awards for Echo Wall. Both of us were fairly dumfounded by this news to say the least.

It’s brilliant though that the quality and commitment of Claire’s work on Echo Wall has been recognised at such a high level. Claire has been creative all the time I’ve known her. But with Echo Wall she did what most others wouldn’t manage, she took it to another level by shooting footage that was extremely arduous and ultimately frightening to get, not to mention a year of long days and nights of work and all our savings and earnings to turn it into a finished film. I’m really pleased for her.

So next month the kilt will be coming out for the Bafta ceremony in Glasgow!

Recieving our awards for Best Film and Best Climbing Film at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival last October.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Echo Wall released this weekend!

This Sunday our first DVD release Echo Wall premieres on Sunday evening (October 19th) at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival. There are a few tickets left so you can still get a seat. We will hopefully have the first DVD copies of the film available then too. If our stock arrives on time we will be dispatching DVD orders from the site early next week.

Thereafter, Dave is going on a lecture tour of England with dates at the Cotswold stores in Harrogate on Monday 21st, Manchester Tues 22nd and Preston on Oct 24th where he will be talking about Echo Wall and showing some sections of the film. Full details are on Dave’s lecture page here.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Echo Wall premiere

Rare Breed’s first DVD release, Echo Wall is premiering at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival on October 19th. Tickets for the premiere are selling very fast and it looks like they might only be available for another few days. So if you’d like to come along - get your ticket in now! The EMFF site has all the info you need to buy tickets.

The DVD is also released on October 19th. We are hoping to receive the DVD stock just before the EMFF premiere and have copies at the premiere, but if you want to be the first to receive a copy through the letterbox at home (wherever you are in the world), then just pre-order one from the shop. We use paypal to handle our shop transactions which accepts most credit/debit cards as well as a paypal payment itself.

If you want to find out more about the story of Echo Wall, you can find all the posts about the route and the film on Dave’s blog, and Claire’s blog. I’ve also posted the full credits here which has all the music from the soundtrack. We were very happy with our soundtrack, and each of our musicians meant a lot to us in different ways.

The late Martyn Bennett was always an inspiration, both through his tunes that got us psyched in cars and ipods on the way to mountains over the years, as well as by his lasting impression on us as a person.

Siren (aka Katy MacLeod, Dave’s sister) and DK & Solar (Katy’s partner Ronan) produced an impressive array of tracks for Echo Wall, matching the style of the footage very well, and working to a tight deadline. You can see more of their catalogue and DJ nights on their myspace sites (click their names).

We were really chuffed when Scotty from Elmo agreed to let us use If I Fall and Heaven on the film. The If I Fall running section is maybe our favourite part of the film and I’m sure you’ll agree the music certainly gets you fired up!

If you would like to purchase any copies of the DVD wholesale for your shop, just get in touch and we’ll arrange that.

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